Board Secretariat

The role of the Board Secretariat is to serve as a liaison between the Board of Education and the School District staff, other public agencies, and the general public concerning the operations of the Board of Education. The Board Secretariat staff's mission is to assist the Board Members in carrying out their duties as elected officials and to serve the public by providing information regarding Board actions and activities.

The Board Secretariat is overseen by the Executive Officer of the Board and is comprised of the Administrative Support Unit, the Records Management Unit and the Minutes Unit. The Board Secretariat performs legally mandated duties with respect to the operation of the Board of Education as well as provides administrative assistance to the Board Members and support to their office staff.

The Board Secretariat is the authorized representative of the Board of Education and the Los Angeles Unified School District for the purpose of receiving legal service. The staff are responsible for processing all written communications to the Board, including complaints and charges against District employees, and claims for damages against the Board of Education, the School District, or its officers and employees. These claims are often filed as a prerequisite to a lawsuit and the staff forwards them to the appropriate District departments and reports on their disposition to the Board.

The Administrative Support Unit staff are often the first contact the public has when seeking information regarding the activities of the Board of Education. They prepare meeting notices, reproduce and distribute board meeting materials and make all of the arrangements for members of the public to speak before the Board. The staff of this unit also provide support to various Standing Committees of the Board of Education and keep informal notes on their proceedings.

The Minutes Unit is responsible for administering to all of the details involved in holding Regular and Special Meetings of the Board of Education. The staff prepare and review motions, resolutions, and communications for adoption by the Board and provide staff support during the public Board meetings. They are responsible for the preparation and posting as required by the open meeting laws commonly referred to as the Brown Act. The staff prepare the official minutes of the meetings which are kept in perpetuity as a public record.

The Records Management Unit maintains and serves as a repository for records directly related to Board actions. The staff maintain files and official records of the Los Angeles Board of Education dating back to the 1860's. They are responsible for making copies of Board Reports, official minutes and agendas available to outside auditors, District personnel and the general public.

If you would like to address the Board at a Board Meeting, or if you would like information about past or future meetings, please call 213-241-7002 or e-mail the Board Secretariat at